The village of Goldshire was founded by three paladins whose Patron was an ancient Gold Dragon named Atrius. Atrius was a force of good in the world few would ever see again; the world was a better place because he lived. He sired a son with an elven woman, whom he loved, but it was his downfall.

A powerful Lich sought to poison Atrius’ mind and soul by murdering the woman and child and raising them as his undead servants, and so he marched his army of abominations into their homeland. In a fury, Atrius defended his beloved family from wave after wave of assaults, but slowly his life bled from him. Finally, the Lich fled, broken and spent, but Atrius would not live through the night.

He called upon the aid of six paladins, his dearest friends and companions, to hide and protect his son, and they swore it. As Atrius died, however, Tobias Machera,the most virtuous of these paladins, took Atrius’ eye and drew his last breath into it, and with it, his soul. Finally, preserving it for eternity, he vowed to resurrect Atrius one day, and repay the dept of blood owed one thousandfold.

The paladins divided into two groups: Tobias leading one to hide Atrius’ soul from discovery until he could be resurrected, and the other to hide Atrius’ wife and son until they could avenge him. It has been 300 years since that day.

A Dragon Reborn